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Sponsor our team.

Save the date - Saturday 27th August 2022.

We're so excited to announce that our KIM team is a proud sponsor of Kids in Philanthropy this year.

Our coaches will be giving up their beds to sleep rough in the KIM Gym on Saturday, August 27th to raise money and awareness for youth homelessness in Australia.

KIM + KiP= An even bigger hangout than ever before.

How to get involved?

Help us raise funds for the homeless & share your campsite photos with us to feature on our social media channels.

The KIM core values are the 3 E’s … and these are Empowerment, Excellence and  Empathy and these are the values we are working hard every day to instill in your child.

One of the ways of doing this is joining up with programs that are bigger than us and Hangout for the Homeless is one of those programs.

Head to and join us sleeping rough or sponsor your favourite coach and the team.