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David Hannan

Founder and Program Developer

I have participated in sport all my life, first as a student and later as a coach. As a child I was highly energetic and playful and unable to sit still for long and pay attention in school. My parents believed that gymnastics would both tire me out and teach me discipline. They were partly correct, but I am still energetic and playful. It’s funny as a child they called me hyper-active, as an adult I’m called self-motivated. My teaching career began in 1986 at the age of sixteen, teaching the junior gymnastic team.


After high school I threw myself into an undergraduate degree at Monash University, but when the chance arose to join the circus as a trapeze artist, I was never going to say no. Adventure and movement are two of my favourite vices. The next few years were spent traveling and teaching circus all over south east Asia. I returned from overseas teaching flying trapeze and working in the circus to become a sports tutor for some home schooled children in 1996.


In the early 90’s I began Kung Fu training and after attaining instructor level, I was lucky to spend some time teaching in Los Angeles. On returning to Australia I entered the personal training industry in 1996 while it was still in it’s infancy. Between 1997 and 2011 I developed my craft at various personal training studios (SWEAT in Middle Park, Donna Astons in Toorak and One on One Personal training in Prahran) and I accumulated a wealth of experience that re-affirmed my love of teaching movement in all its forms, especially technique analysis of skills and fitness.


I have spent the past 36 years teaching various disciplines (gymnastics, rock climbing, Kung Fu, trampolining, circus, personal training) to different ages (2-80) and nationalities around the world. I love my job and feel blessed that it allows me to help and inspire others. I have just published the second edition of my book The Art of Teaching Without Teaching and I truly believe that when it comes to teaching …  with a little Imagination and Participation … anything is possible! In my own time you will find me reading books on teaching, human anatomy,  re-training the brain, creativity and teaching, but that’s only when I’m resting … the rest of the time you might find me running with the dog, rock climbing at the Grampians or helping my buddies run their flying trapeze school.


Mike Horner


Mike started in 2021 at KIM and is a NICA graduate (circus) with a background in circus and gymnastics. Mike is both energetic and spontaneous and this is reflected in his coaching style, which makes him engaging as a teacher and makes his classes both fun and creative. Mike believes his superpower is his ability to change a kid’s perception about strength training.


Gideon Van Twest Smith


Gideon comes to Kids in Motion with an education in Exercise Science and experience at Latitude Melbourne where he enjoyed working with people on rock walls, trampolines and hire-wire courses. He enjoys building self-esteem and confidence in kids and is looking forward to getting to know kids during weekly classes.


Mark Beddoe


Mark started in 2019 and he has a background in soccer coaching back in the UK and experience as a site manager of Jumpzone. Mark is passionate about providing outstanding experiences to our loyal tribe and being part of a strong team with a focus on personal development. Mark likes to bring fun and games to his classes and we see great progress in his kids because his strength is asking questions and getting to know the kids on a personal level. He displays great patience as a teacher.

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Carl Van Der Speck

Head Coach

Carl has been with the business longer than any other team member. He began when we first opened up the new studio in 2012. Carl competed as an elite athlete at the Commonwealth Games and where he was once the fastest man in the state. An international sprinter with a sports coaching degree, Carl brings creativity, discipline and professionalism to the gym. Carl is a head coach and part of the Leadership Team and has recently taken on the role of developing the team culture. Table tennis and karaoke have been great successes so far.

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Paul Bourke


Paul joined the team in 2019 and has a background in theatre and clowning, touring his own shows nationally. He is our very own cartoon character come to life… and his ability to engage a child’s imagination and sense of play, is second too none. Not only does this make all his classes FUN, but it relaxes children and puts them at ease so they do not fear failing and have the confidence to try something new. Paul is a very popular performer on our Vids in Motion platform and brings his creativeness to all of his classes.


Kent Pieterse


Kent has experience competing as an international gymnast, representing Australia at the Commonwealth Games (doing all the incredible skills you see in the Olympics). Kent is qualified as a gymnastics coach and judge as well as a personal trainer. He has coached everything from the elite squads at the Institute of Sport to recreational circus and parkour at other clubs. He joined the team at the end of 2020 and he brings humour, creativity, discipline and a whole lotta personality to the gym.


Lauren Passarelli

Coach and Recpetionist

Lauren began her sports journey began with karate at the age of 7. She has represented her state playing softball and has coached softball and netball at our top private schools. 

She joined the team at the end of 2021 and brings with her all the character traits we want to develop in your child. Eager to learn, empathy for others, structured, prepared and passionate. 

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Siobhan Cash

Head Coach and VP of Communications

Siobhan started at Kids in Motion in 2014 and came to us as a competitive gymnastics coach and a National Champion back home in the UK. Siobhan is meticulously planned and teaches with authority and empathy. Her kids love her discipline as well as the results they achieve. Everything she does is with excellence and a big heart. She began as a coach, moved into a head coach position, then the Leadership Team and now is performing managerial and customer service roles, still with the same focus on excellence.


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