Who Are We?

Established in 1997, Kids in Motion is a boutique service tutoring children in all elements of physical development. We provide an unrivalled program that puts the thrill of adventure back into movement and organised sports. Yes it is infectious! … and our program will excite, inspire, engage and encourage every child to join in and feel empowered.

We UNDERSTAND the dynamic effect a positive teacher can have on a child’s self belief and outlook and we commit to keeping the classes small and personalised so that we can tailor our program directly to your child. We CARE about your child’s individual goals and dreams and take pride in the role we play in their journey.

Kids In Motion can empower your child by providing

  • a positive mentoring environment
  • a platform to practice and master a particular physical skill or sport
  • a dynamic exercise program to assist with overall well being and fitness
  • a community that supports and strengthens kindness, compassion and respect
  • a tailored program for special needs in conjunction with your occupational therapist

Our programs are suitable for children from 2 years of age up to young adults.

The Kids in Motion program has effortlessly stood the test of time and is recognised for the high level of quality teaching and service, attention to detail and the rapport we have with our kids. However it is the energies of exuberance that disperse much of what is quite marvellous about this program. Our trainers will lift your child into their imagination and beyond their expectations. Feel, connect, take the challenge and come see what all the talk is about.




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