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The program enlightened parents choose.


I wanted to be a coach who cares.


The history of how David started Kids in Motion

In 1979 I met my first gymnastics coach, Tom Holt. A tall European man who taught in Ugg boots. His heart, compassion and knowledge about movement had such an effect on me at the age of 9, that I knew right then and there I wanted to be a coach who cares!


I live to inspire and empower children in the same way my first coach did for me and this is what has made me jump out of bed every morning for the past 35 years. After teaching Gymnastics in Melbourne, Circus in Bali, Flying trapeze in Malaysia and Kung Fu in Los Angeles … I came home and formed Kids in Motion in 1997.


I believe every child should have the opportunity to learn the foundational skills of movement and be given the power to move with confidence. This empowerment extends well beyond the sporting field, and over into all aspects of a child’s sense of identity and their future achievements. The program has continually evolved over the past 26 years with less focus on mastering skills and more on building a child’s character strengths to lead to future success. 


In 2011 we established a purpose-built facility to home our unique program; the likes of which the community had never seen before. Unlike a traditional gymnastic centre, our studio would not be set up for advanced skills and competition … but for invoking the spirit of adventure and the art of movement.


At Kids in Motion, we are not concerned with being the business with the most franchises. We live to be the best at what we do and will only take it on if we can deliver to our community with excellence.

Indoor Climbing Wall


To build character & confidence towards success & to inspire children of all ages to be participants in life through the movement & the power of play.

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