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I am often asked 'WHY' we have such an outstanding safety record? Is it simply the number of children in the class? NO! A class with 3 times as many children (15 kids) all with the same ability and attitude is actually 1000% easier to control than our classes, where we have a spread of ages and abilities. Not to mention having an inclusive program that enables children with different individual issues and needs, participate. So what is it? What is the 'secret antidote' to our outstanding safety record? Truth is ... It is not one single factor, there are multiple reasons and these include:

  • Having a safety first focus

  • Ongoing and direct training with the team

  • Supervision of classes by a head coach or the director himself

  • Internal strategies taught to combat control and productivity

  • The years of coaching experience of the team

You can rest safely knowing that we help your kids rest safely each night.

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