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Role modelling ... what does it take?

One of the best things about coaching is working with kids ... BUT with it comes great responsibility ... and that is the responsibility to be a positive role model. Now more than ever ... in our current circumstances ... we need to demonstrate:

  • Positive characteristics

  • Healthy life choices

  • Respect for others

  • Empathy for others

  • A sense of fairness

  • A curiosity for learning

  • Life long exercise habits

  • The courage to fail

  • Respect of our peers and competitors

Why are role models so important? Because 98% of learning is observational and that applies to all behaviour. I tell my team ... 'Make your actions your instruction." Children with good roles models have a better chance of developing positive lifestyle choices. As Kids in Motion coaches we do not walk into the gym ... tell our kids what to do and then leave and live by a completely different set of rules. NO ... we live by the words and the lessons we preach.

  • We are all about going out of our comfort zone and each week I do this with my team and put them under pressure in practical class scenarios.

  • We are all about developing our bodies and our minds and we do this each week in our training sessions.

  • We are all about fitness and movement and we do this each week by hitting the gym or yoga studio together.

  • We are all about personal growth and every week we set aside time for personal reflection, vulnerability and growth.

  • We are all about grit and persisting when things get tough ... and we expect this of our coaches when they realise the art of teaching is far harder and far more complex than they initially thought ... especially when you are aiming to be 'excellent.'

I want my team to embody the lesson we want our kids to learn. The gift I have as a leader is to show my team how extraordinary they are and to see their full capabilities ... And when I do this well ... My coaches make your child feel extraordinary and help them see their full capabilities as well. "KIM lives the talk, as leadership in ACTION, not just ideas." - Serena Wong 2021

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