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DIRECTORS MESSAGE What your child is learning, you might not be aware of When I was setting up the business back in 2012 I need to sell my property to fund it and it was a big risk. For over a decade I had been teaching from the traditional gymnastics facility at Wesley College and at privates homes. I recall my dad asking me "If money is so tight why are you putting in a rock wall ... it is 1/3 of your overall costs and the program has run for 12 years without it?" It was a good question and on paper and in a financial spreadsheet it was a bad idea. But ... In my heart I knew it was really important. There are very few situations that throw your body into a complete meltdown. Standing on the precipice of a trapeze board is one of those. Half way up a rock wall is another. Your body starts to do things you have seems to have little control over. Your legs begin to shake Your hands sweat Your mouth gets dry Your heart rate goes ballistic You freeze and panic begins to take over ... and all messages and instructions are not registering ... But you can LEARN to take control of the situation and your anxieties ... And this ability to: a) Keep calm b) Talk to yourself in positive language c) Calm your breathing d) Regain your focus e) Take the next step ... is not a skill valid on the rock wall alone ... it is a LIFE SKILL. It is a skill you will use when you step into your first exam or go for your first big job interview. Learn to master this ... Learn to master yourself ... And you become unstoppable. And apart from the strength and resilience it builds ... THAT is the magic we are really gifting your child. And you can put a price on that! ... and that's what I told my dad all those years ago and I'm glad I did.

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