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“Be Your Own Hero” … 


Is a strong message of empowerment that the team at Kids in Motion truly believe in.

OUR program is not designed to master skills and take your child to the Olympics  (although we have 

had Olympic champions before, shout out to Tess Coady).

Yes …. The program is design to 

build up self belief and confidence

so that kids can take on any sport and move freely

… But more importantly, it is designed to build the key character strengths to succeed.


We are not interested in screaming “Point your toes” …. We would rather be screaming “Be someone YOU can be proud of!”


Here are 7 key reason this message is crucial for children to hear:


1: Fosters Self-reliance: 

This message encourages them to trust in their own abilities and judgement and you see this in full effect each week on the rock wall. It also encourages them to stop always looking to others for guidance reassurance and approval.


2: Promotes Resilience and Independence

It teaches kids to face challenges head on and to get back up after they fall and to rely on their own inner strength and you see this a lot when the kids are doing balance skills.


3: Encourages Personal Responsibility

It teaches them they have to take responsibility for their own actions and choices and that ultimately they have the power through the choices they make.


4: Builds Confidence

Confidence is crucial for try new things, stepping out of your comfort zone, putting your hand up to ‘give it a go’ and to overcome fears. The diversity of the program means every week and every 20 minutes something new is presented to them and they will need to step up and take it on. 


5: Inspires Empowerment

This message empowers kids and empowerment is one of our 3 core values. Being your own hero means your destiny is in the POWER of your OWN hands. 


6: Supports mental and Emotional Health

Children who see themselves as capable and strong (heroes) are more likely to have a positive mental outlook and better handle on emotional challenges. 


7: Encourage Ethical and Compassionate Behaviour

Being one’s own hero also means being kind, compassionate and ethical. It teaches kids to stand up for what is right, to be empathetic (empathy is another of our core values), to help others and to embody the qualities of a hero.

My name is David Hannan and I am the owner and founder of Kids in Motion. Each month I am going to pull back the curtain to reveal our guiding beliefs. I have created a new posters for all 12 months with key messages and simply by scanning the QR code you will be able to uncover more about what makes KIM unique and aligned with your beliefs. 


One of our core massages is that we  want children to follow their own path in life. Looking back on my journey, I would never have created this program had I not chosen to walk my own path.

 My path has not exactly been conventional. I was pulled out of school at age nine. Ran away and joined the circus in my early twenties and didn’t start my professional career till I was 28 years old. I can still hear my dad asking me in my late twenties “When are you going to get a real job?”

My dad only wanted me to succeed and when I chose to walk a path that had not been walked before, it made it hard for him to see where it would all lead to. God knows, I didn’t even know where it was going to lead … but I always heard a voice in my head and that was the voice of Paul Stanley.


WHO? … The starry-eyed lead singer of KISS … and he would always have the same message in all his interviews …“Do what you believe in, don’t worry what anyone else thinks. Certainly, don’t worry about what the critics think. Don’t do things to impress others or to be mainstream. Who want to be mainstream? Do things because it fits your likes, your values and your goals, nobody else’s view of what you should do. Do things because it’s who you are. Be true to yourself. Be your own hero!”


If falling in love with the rock band KISS taught me anything it was this … do things your own way and become your own superhero.


If you are my age you would know that  between 1977 and 1980 KISS was the biggest band in the world and they were superheroes!

No other band had personas big enough to become Marvel comic super heroes, nor create 4 separate solo albums and release them on the same day. It was only KISS. 

In December last year, leading up to their final concert ever,  all 4 members of KISS had their faces and logo plastered all over the Empire State Building.  The Star Child. The Demon. The Spaceman. The Cat. You need some pretty strong ‘branding’ to pull that off …  and a message that empowers and inspires others.


Paul’s message is powerful and it has always stuck with me.

Be Your Own Hero is the message we are teaching your child and we do this through our WORDS and ACTIONS. Every day. Every lesson.


By internalising the message to “Be Your Own Hero” children learn to trust in their own strength and capabilities, paving the way for a future where they feel empowered to take life on and do all they can with what they have been given.        


We know that as Parents, you ultimately want your kids to discover fields they fit with who they are, and to be leaders in whatever field they choose, equipped with the skills and values to make a positive difference in the world. 

That is what the KIM program provides! It provides inspiration, independence, autonomy and opportunity to discover your own strengths.

I really do consider myself lucky and grateful that I have the opportunity to teach this same empowering message onto as many children as I have.

- David Hannan


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