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This quote is a re-working of something Muhammad Ali once said, which was: The man who has no imagination has no wings.” 

I was a little too young to see and watch Muhammad Ali in his prime, but I do remember the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and I do remember my dad admiring the man.  Ali had such charisma and poetry to his words.

It’s true what he said; you DO need imagination to think outside of the realm of possibilities; to dream big and to help set audacious goals, both as an adult and as a child.


One quality that is super important as a child, athlete or leader is confidence.


Confidence is the ultimate driver. It is important to get you off the couch and out of the starting blocks, but it’s also needed to rally those around you to get support for your idea or dream.


Confidence leads to belief.

Belief makes attitude.

Attitude makes action.

Action drives results.


If Ali’s famous quote was to become our own, it would be

Give a child confidence and you give them wings!


I like the ring to that, because it speaks to the profound impact that nurturing a child’s self-confidence can have on their overall development and future both on and off the sporting field.


Confidence gives kids the freedom to explore and try new things and take risks. This exploration is crucial for learning and growth and personal development. Confident children are more likely to step out of their comfort zones and take on new challenges.


 I have seen this firsthand over the last 35 years of teaching.


Confidence fosters independence in children, and this is crucial for their journey into adulthood.


Confidence leads to optimism. When children (and adults) are open to opportunities they are able to take advantage of them and that makes for unstoppable forward energy to propel them towards their goals and their dreams.


As a former flying trapeze artist I know how confidence can give you wings to soar 30 meters above the ground into the waiting hands of your catcher.


As a entrepreneur I can speak candidly about how, without confidence, I never would have breached the unknown and gambled my life savings on a crazy innovative movement idea.


In essence, this message emphasizes the transformative power of confidence in a child’s life. By giving a child confidence you are essentially providing them with the tools, freedom and strength to soar high and achieve their full potential


… And that is why we consider ourselves a Confidence Program

and not simply a sports program!

- David Hannan


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